Care for Appliances


Taking Care of your MARA Appliance:


1. You will have to make a conscious effort to bite forwards with the lower jaw until your muscles become accustomed to the new position, and it will take a few weeks before you feel completely comfortable.


2. You may bite your cheeks until your learn to avoid it.


3. You will have difficulty in eating for four to ten days and you will be biting on your incisors. We suggest that you cut your food into small pieces to keep frustration with your chewing to a minimum. You will be able to eat a normal diet in a few days.


4. Please note that there is a possibility of the lower arm getting locked into the upper elbow. This doesn't happen often, but if it does and you cannot disengage it with gentle movement, call our office and our dental staff will provide immediate care.


5. Sometimes you may have a puffy look of the cheeks. The puffiness will disappear over the next several weeks.


6. You may experience soreness in the cheek area. The soreness will go away as the tissue toughens and that the callus forms.


7. Due to exceptional forces on the appliances during chewing, a crown or band may come loose.


8. The upper elbow can be lost in spite of being tied in with the elastomer and/or the ligature wire. If the elbow comes loose, save it and bring it back when you come in to your next appointment.

Taking Care of Your Retainers:


* Brush your retainers DAILY without toothpaste*


1. Wear your retainers all day and all night for the first six months.


2. Your retainers ONLY come out to eat and to brush your teeth.


3. NEVER put your retainers in hot water! It will melt the plastic and the retainers will no longer fit properly.


4. At your six month appointment, Dr. Faleye will see if you are ready to start wearing your retainers at night only.


5. Whenever your retainers are not in your mouth- KEEP THEM IN YOUR CASE!


6. If you have a permanent retainer and have received a clear retainer, then only wear the clear retainer at night. If your permanent retainer breaks, wear your clear retainer full time until you come in for an appointment.

Wearing Rubberbands/Elastics:


1. Wear your rubberbands as you were instructed.


2. Rubber bands  should ONLY be taken out of your mouth to brush your teeth and to eat.


3. Change your rubberbands twice a day. Put a fresh pair in your mouth in the morning and at night before you go to bed.


4. If you run out of rubberbands then please come to the office to pick up another bag as soon as possible to prevent any delay in treatment.


5. These rubberbands will help correct your bite. If you don't wear them everyday then your bite will relapse. So, make sure to wear them everyday unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Faleye.

How to Use Wax:


Use your wax if your wire starts poking your gums or if your brackets begin to irritate your lips.


1. First you need to dry the area. You can do this by using a Q-tip or a cotton ball.


2. After the area is dry, then take a small piece of wax and place it over the area that is irritating your mouth, and firmly hold the wax in place for a few seconds.


3. If you placed the wax properly the wax should remain in place for a while.


4. You may have to re apply more wax throughout the day, as needed.

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