What is a MARA Appliance and Why You May Need One

Orthodontic work doesn’t have to be scary. Understanding the nature of the tools used in performing these kind of procedures can be a big step towards eliminating anxiety related to orthodontic procedures.  One important piece of equipment used when realignment of the mandible is necessary is known as the MARA device. This device helps resolve concerns with overbite in children with the aim of preventing the need for future surgery. If you have a child who is experiencing severe overbite, you’ll want to learn more about this device and how it can help give your child a perfect smile.


How Does The MARA Appliance Work?

This device is specially designed for the individual patient to ensure they get a perfect fit every time.  Once in place it is fixed into place with a cement that releases fluoride to help strengthen the teeth. Special attachments known as arms and elbows to help slowly adjust the jaw forward.  Once firmly in place it modifies the way a patient bites in a way that encourages repositioning. The general period of time that a MARA appliance will be worn is approximately a year, though some patients may need to wear them for a shorter or longer period.  Their teeth will be tender at first, but this feeling will pass in time.


Is It Hard To Get Used To Wearing The Device?

It’s not uncommon for the elbows and arms to irritate the cheeks on the inside near where they’re placed.  This only goes on for a short time as the cheek tissue adjusts, after which they’ll be barely noticeable. Some puffiness has also been known to occur during the initial days of having this device in place, but this too goes away after a short period of wearing it.  Following this initial adjustment period the presence of the device will be barely noticeable and it will be able to do its work well.


Considerations While Wearing The MARA Device

There are some considerations that must be taken while the patient is wearing the MARA device.  These include taking care with the types of food eaten. Chewy, hard, or sticky foods can all cause damage to the device and should be avoided while its being worn.  Some patients find themselves developing a habit of biting on the bottom arms or poking at them. Both of these behaviors can cause damage to the device and result in repairs being needed for them to get the full benefit of the device.


Throughout the time that your child is fitted with the MARA device, it will be necessary for them to see Dr. Adeola Faleye at The Orthodontic Clinic, PC for regular checkups.  During their visit to the offices in Bartlett or East Memphis, TN the device will be inspected and their progress monitored to ensure that everything is going well. After their time wearing the device has come to an end your child will have a perfectly aligned smile and have avoided surgery to correct the problem down the road. Call for your appointment today!


Dr. Adeola Faleye

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