Best Foods For Braces

One of the challenges that people living with braces undergo is the necessary changes in their diet.  The ability to eat without thinking about it becomes a struggle as they start having to consider what will be safe for their new hardware.  The foods they can eat are limited to those that won’t get caught into their braces, and won’t cause corrosion or staining. If you’re beginning a journey to great teeth with braces and want to know what you’ll be able to eat along the way, read on.



Yogurt is an incredible choice in terms of taste, healthiness, and edibility.  As a dairy product its packed full of calcium and protein, and given that its easy to eat since it doesn’t require chewing it’s perfect for people who have just gotten their braces.  Sore teeth and gums don’t just happen when you get the braces either, every time you get an adjustment you’ll experience tenderness for a few days.


Ice Cream

This treat is a perfect combination of delicious and cold in the first few days following the day you get your braces on or following an adjustment.  The coldness of the ice cream will help sooth your aching teeth and gums, and while the sugar in it isn’t great for your teeth brushing afterwards will take care of that. 


Macaroni And Cheese

Pasta is another great option for those going through their time with braces.  Pasta is soft and delicious, especially when served with the right sauces. You’re going to want to avoid this the first few days after you get your braces or following an adjustment, the chewing involved can be a little uncomfortable. The rest of the time this cheesy deliciousness is the perfect solution.


Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are an incredible addition to your diet after braces.  They’re warm, filling, and can be made in a million different ways to make sure they stay interesting.  Cheese and sour cream can really kick them up, as can the addition of garlic and chives. The hearty nature of this dish will ensure you make it past the first days after the braces put on.



Beef, pork, chicken, we love them all, but when you’ve just gotten your braces on their texture can be a bit much for your tender teeth.  Flaky delicious fish is a great substitution, though it should really become a lifelong addition. You can bake fish, fry fish, boil fish, and fish sticks are the absolute best things to ever go in an oven, and it’s soft enough to easily eat even with braces.


If you’ve been considering starting a journey to beautiful teeth with braces then it’s time to get a consultation with your dentist.  Dr. Adeola Faleye has been helping patients successfully complete their time with braces at The Orthodontic Clinic PC in Memphis, TN, and they’ll be happy to help you.  Don’t let misaligned teeth make you want to hide your smile, make an appointment today!


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