Different Types of Braces

If you’ve discovered that you’re going to need braces and are imagining yourself spending the next several months or years with a mouth full of brackets and wire, we’ve got some good news for you.  While traditional braces fit the description above these aren’t the only options available to the modern orthodontics patient. Innovations in dentistry have led to the creation of multiple options for patients looking to correct a misalignment, so the metal cage look is no longer your only choice.


Traditional Braces: The Metal Cage

Orthodontic treatment for misaligned teeth has always been associated with this stereotypical look.  A mouthful of wire and brackets with brightly colored elastics that make it look like someone erected a circus animal cage in your mouth and tried to brighten it up with colorful ribbon.  In all honesty the reality of these braces is far better than the perception, but they still are impossible to miss on those patients who have them. Unfortunately these are the only tool that will work in some cases, and they also happen to be cheaper than your other options.


Ceramic Braces: A Cage Of A Different Color

Ceramic braces are slightly more expensive than metal braces, but are essentially the same tool in every other meaningful way.  The benefit that one gets from ceramic braces is the reduction in visibility, as the material they’re created from matches that of the patients teeth and is therefor far less obtrusive.  This quality makes them a popular choice among patients looking for orthodontic solutions that aren’t quite as outwardly visible.


Lingual Braces: The Cage On Stealth Mode

This innovation in braces technology was created to meet the needs of those who required physical braces, but were adamant about them being invisible to the casual observer.  These braces are placed on the inside of the teeth next to the tongue to render them difficult to see. While they are just as effective as other forms of braces they are also difficult to adjust to and have an impact on speech and eating until this adjustment is made. They also take longer to reach their end goal than traditional braces, so you’re going to be wearing them a while.


Invisalign:  The Solution You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Ok, the solution we’ve all been dreaming of is a one day fix that lets us walk out looking great, but we aren’t there yet.  This is the next best thing, an invisible set of braces that you can take out for two hours of every day, that doesn’t impeded your ability to eat or speak, and are easy to wear.  Invisalign trays are made of a transparent material that slides on over your teeth and are changed every few weeks.  


There’s no reason to accomplish your dental goals by using archaic cages that can make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious about your smile on the road to the one you dream of.   Call The Orthodontic Clinic PA in Memphis, TN to get a consultation with Dr. Adeola Faleye today.



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