Alternatives To Metal Braces For Straightening Teeth

If your teeth aren't aligned as well as you'd like them to be, then braces are probably the first option thought of for straightening teeth. However, there are other ways to achieve fantastic tooth alignment too. Getting straighter teeth has many health benefits, and we're here to help you decide how you want to achieve a healthier smile. 


Alternatives To Metal Braces For Straightening Teeth

When you have better-aligned teeth, your teeth become easier to clean and help decrease the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss. A straighter smile can decrease your risk of chipping and breaking overtime and relieve jaw stress contributing to TMD. 

While metal braces can be seen as a reliable option for tooth alignment, those concerned about their appearance may find that metal braces can appear too pronounced or obtrusive to their smile. Alongside that, metal braces tend to come with more strict standards of cleaning and aftercare to ensure that the device works. However, many alternatives can help straighten your teeth over time without metal braces. These options include: 


  • Invisalign: Invisalign is a clear, plastic retainer that's gained much popularity over the past ten years due to its ability to straighten teeth discreetly. They can be removed, cleaned, and put back on after eating, and most people won't even know you're wearing them. 
  • Clear Ceramic Braces: As a midway point between metal braces and Invisalign, clear ceramic braces use ceramic brackets instead of metal brackets to support the wires. While this option cannot be removed without the help of an orthodontist, these provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to your smile, especially if you require more treatment. 
  • Retainers: While most retainers are used after braces, some can be used for minor corrections. Some retainers are transparent and can fit over the entire mouth arch without appearing present. 
  • Palatal Expanders: For those who otherwise have perfectly straightened teeth but have minor problems with the upper or lower palate, palatal expanders can fix signs of crossbite and help align the teeth over time. 

Beyond orthodontic options, some dentists can provide other means for correcting teeth without needing metal braces or braces. These options include:


  • Dental Bonding: Bonding can cover up minor imperfections in the smile and bond with the enamel layer, creating the illusion of a straighter smile by closing gaps, correcting chips, and more. 
  • Veneers: Veneers can be an excellent option for creating a straighter, brighter smile. For minor imperfections that wouldn't benefit from orthodontic treatment, veneers can provide a porcelain covering that gives your smile a consistent, beautiful look. 
  • Dental Crowns: Some teeth can be replaced with durable crowns if the teeth have been severely damaged by decay. In some cases, they can also be used to replace a single tooth that's contributing to poorer alignment. 
  • Implants: In worse-case scenarios, when misalignments bring out severe tooth decay and gum disease, implants can replace the entire row of teeth and help strengthen the inner jawbone and gum line. 


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While metal braces are considered the standard, many more options exist. Explore those options through The Orthodontic Clinic P.C. today by scheduling an appointment. You can receive a thorough dental examination and clear guidance on the best alternatives by scheduling an appointment.

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