The Leading Restorative Products Used by Dentists

Regardless of your profession, there’s nothing that ensures success like having the right materials. Your dentist understands this and makes a point of finding the best products to use in your treatment. These practitioners share a need for artistry in their profession with cosmetic surgeons. When they’re working on cosmetic and restoration procedures, they need to produce results that are effective, resilient, and attractive. Part of achieving this goal is selecting the right products for the job.


How The Right Products Improve Dental Results
Selecting the right products for your dental hygiene routine is essential to preventing tooth decay. Similarly, it’s necessary for your dentist to select the appropriate materials and tools for your procedure. Your dentist starts planning out your procedure once you’ve elected to receive restoration or cosmetic care. Below are a few products dentists rely on when performing these procedures.


  • Composite Systems: Every year, more people have restoration procedures done than any other dental treatment. Our oral structures undergo a significant amount of wear and tear as part of normal talking and chewing. The material selected to restore our teeth must be able to withstand these conditions while still looking amazing. 
  • Universal Bonding Systems: It’s critical to firmly secure the material selected to perform your restoration or cosmetic procedure to the tooth. Universal bonding systems are the product used to achieve this goal. Once your permanent restoration is in place, it has to be able to stay there forever.
  • Temporary Cement: It’s common for these dental procedures to happen in two or more steps. One step that often occurs is the placement of a temporary crown. While this crown will eventually be removed, it has to stay securely in place until then. Temporary cement achieves this goal and is also able to be removed without damaging the tooth.
  • Bioceramic Restoratives: A bioceramic restorative is a ceramic-based product that is able to work seamlessly with the body. These are prized materials and are used to achieve the most lasting and attractive results.


Titanium is another material that’s often used in restoration dentistry. It has the distinction of being able to securely support restorations safely. However, it also produces an effect called osseointegration. Titanium is capable of stimulating the growth of new bone tissue where it’s mounted. This is beneficial to the treatment since the bone will eventually integrate with the titanium. This makes it physically part of your jaw structure, strengthening it.


Learn More From Your Dentist
Your dentist is one of the best sources of information about dental hygiene products. Their years of experience and training involved knowing how to identify those that are safe and effective. This doesn’t just involve the products they use in their practice. It also includes the products that you use at home every time you brush. It’s time to reach out to your dental practitioner and ensure that you’re using the right dental hygiene products for your family. 

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