What Does An Orthodontic Treatment Plan Look Like?

Orthodontists use various techniques to help patients align their teeth in a straighter, more aesthetically pleasing position. One of the ways they organize their treatments is by providing a treatment plan for each patient. Treatment plans are your gateway to a healthier you, and your orthodontist may already have your plan in place to help you get your teeth in proper alignment. But what exactly is a treatment plan, and how does an orthodontist do it? 

What Does An Orthodontic Treatment Plan Look Like?
Orthodontic treatment plans are essentially a blueprint of the entire treatment process. They're detailed documents of your treatments, including all your information in one package. Each treatment plan is different and caters to your dental concerns, and it cannot be replicated because each person's smile is just as unique as yours. 
Treatment plans include a wide variety of information about your health, your prognosis, and steps taken to treat your teeth. These treatment plans include notes such as: 



  • Oral Health History: All treatment plans will include an overview of your medical history, including your family's history of health conditions, current medical concerns, and oral health conditions. Your history will also include any previous treatments provided and their results so your orthodontists can get a good look at your current health. 
  • Diagnosis: The diagnosis process includes x-rays, CBCT scans, and other diagnostic tests to rule out any incorrect diagnosis and provide an accurate assessment of your condition. Through this assessment, your orthodontist can provide treatment for your condition. 
  • Treatment Options: Some treatment plans will include different orthodontic options that patients can choose from or have just one option depending on the specifics of their condition. Some issues can be complex enough that they'll require more than just braces and even include cooperation from other dentists, such as endodontists and periodontists, to give you what you need from your dental care. 
  • Payment Plans: Payment plans include the agreed upon and quoted for the overall treatment. Your orthodontist can provide different payment options based on your financial income and health insurance. 
  • Stages of Treatment: Last but not least, the treatment plan will include details about the time, length, and future treatments needed to correct your teeth and straighten your smile. For instance, braces will require years of treatment time, depending on the severity of the case, and then will require a retainer for an additional few years to maintain the results. 

Find Out About Your Orthodontic Treatment Plan Today
Your treatment plans are essential for your smile, and orthodontists highly rely on treatment plans to make sure that your teeth remain healthy for life. Many orthodontists will provide the best options for your dental care and provide facts related to your treatment, possible risks, and side effects after completing the treatment plan. Orthodontists manage plans that go years in advance because by doing so, they can keep track of tooth growth, jaw alignment, and other concerns that may impact their patients. For more information about orthodontic treatment plans, contact your local orthodontist to learn more and schedule an appointment for your annual checkup. 


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