How Children's Teeth Erupt and Fall Out

If you’re a new parent just coming into your child’s first teething age, you’re probably wondering how this whole thing works and what you can look forward to on the road ahead.  We’re excited for you as you begin your journey as a parent, and we’re happy to be able to help you understand how their teeth are going to arrive and develop as they grow. If you’ve ever wondered how we go from a burbling baby to an adult with a mouth full of teeth, sit back and read up!


Like Flowers From A Bud

The first thing to know is that on the day your child is born their teeth are already beginning to develop.  It all starts with tooth buds sitting nestled protected and safe within the jaw. Like seeds aren’t trees, these buds aren’t teeth, but they are the kernel around which your baby’s developing teeth will grow.  Calcium is a vital part of any child’s diet, and not just for the development of their bones, this mineral is also a vital component of tooth development. Calcium will deposit on the tooth bud and harden into tree-ring like layers until the tooth is fully formed and ready to erupt.


Eruption Starts With Incisors

At approximately six months of age your child will begin to go through the uncomfortable process of having their teeth erupt through their gums.  This process usually starts with the cutting teeth known as incisors, and is followed by the arrival of the molars in the back of your child's mouth.  Once these teeth are firmly in place the rest of their teeth will begin to arrive until a total of 20 has been reached. But it doesn’t stop there.


Adult Teeth Start When We’re Still Children

The teeth we’ll have with us the rest of our lives start arriving at the surprisingly young age of six, when our first permanent set of molars arrive.  After this you’ll see the incisors show up, then the canines, cuspids, and finally the second and third set of molars. This process begins at six years of age, but can continue until your child is in their 20’s.


Third Molars Can Be A Problem

Third molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth, can be a problem for many patients.  Not everyone is going to get this third set of molars, and in some very rare cases they’ll actually have fourth or more molars.  Many people have to have their wisdom teeth removed due to a lack of room, and those with more than these always have to have them treated. Wisdom teeth can push neighboring teeth out of alignment or even cause pain and damage to existing teeth.  Since these can be spotted by your dentist early, make sure you keep regular visits part of your child’s standard health care.


If you’ve got more questions about the development of your child’s teeth it’s time to get guidance from the professionals at The Orthodontic Clinic in Memphis, TN.  This team of dental experts loves helping new families learn about the road ahead so they can take proactive steps to ensure a future of good oral health.



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