Orthodontics by Mail: Are They Safe?

Being lured by the low price can cost you more than just your money. For those with hectic work schedules and constant commitments, aligners may seem like the last idea on your mind. Many times, people ultimately end up ordering aligners and braces online to save time and money. The lack of time investment sounds great at first, but with ordering orthodontics online, there are a significant number of risks associated with mail-order. In short, no, they are not safe at all. Here’s why orthodontics treatments ordered by mail isn’t the best option for your teeth.

The Dangers of Orthodontics by Mail Treatments:

You’re Not Properly Diagnosed – Many online aligner companies don’t offer dental pathologies before treatments. Once the procedure is cleared, the procedure is not regularly supervised by a dentist or orthodontist. An undiagnosed issue can make an aligner situation worse, and these dentists will likely miss any severe conditions that could affect your aligners, such as periodontal disease, moving teeth, and oral lesions.

  • You Aren’t Covered – While the attractive price can be luring, mail order aligners are for simple issues. By comparison, traditional metal braces can range from $5,000 to $8,000, while online ordered braces can cost $2,000. If you have a dental plan, your insurance will cover a lifetime of orthodontic treatments. However, if you request aligners online, then that dentist will likely charge for an office visit, and the costs of the orthodontist visit won’t cover for the treatment. Also, you can’t be sure of the qualifications of the orthodontist you’re working with, either.
  • You Have A Higher Risk of Relapse - Only a trained and certified orthodontist will be able to determine what’s best for the patient. While ordering online can help the immediate problems, any long-term issues that you don’t notice can potentially get worse and be missed overtime. The instruction kits, the diagnosis apps, and photographs cannot replace high-quality care from a certified orthodontist, and teeth care requires a professional’s evaluation in person to be safe and assured.
  • You’ll Pay More For Dental Work – Ordering orthodontic treatments by mail can potentially make your teeth worse and create new problems. Most commonly, full re-treatments with clear aligners will cost more because of the damage done, such as teeth not being straightened, a bite issue, and the chance to damage the gums, jaw, and teeth. Since these orthodontics don’t address these issues, going to see a proper orthodontist will pay more, as mild orthodontic treatments can cost much higher.

No mail-order dental aligner can replace the years of experience an orthodontist has under their belt. That’s why Dr. Adeola Faleye, at The Orthodontic Clinic, P.C, provides affordable financial planning for the most severe cases of dental care. Located in Bartlett and East Memphis, TN, Dr. Faleye, alongside his excellent team of orthodontists will be able to address any problems you may have with your teeth and give you proper aligners that will fit perfectly. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Dr. Adeola Faleye

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