How To Care For Your Braces Effectively During Orthodontic Treatment

Many people visit their local orthodontist to receive braces, and once they receive braces, it can be challenging to adjust to at first. Braces have many benefits, and it's essential to know how to properly care for your braces to ensure that your teeth align within the recommended time. Your orthodontists will be able to go over how to care for your braces, and we're here to provide some tips to help you achieve a straighter, healthier smile.


How To Care For Your Braces Effectively During Orthodontic Treatment

If you're feeling terrible about how your teeth look, then getting your teeth straightened can be the best way to care for your smile. Proper alignment can enhance your speaking, improve your jaw function, and protect your teeth from the risk of cavities and gum disease. Because misaligned teeth can be harder to clean, making it is easier for plaque and bacteria to build up along the enamel and gumline, making tooth decay and gum disease a higher risk. 

Through braces, not only can your teeth be protected from disease, but they can also improve your confidence. Achieving a straighter smile has many benefits for a person's self-esteem and helps them feel more themselves in their skin, and provides a lifetime of beautiful, straighter teeth. While having braces seems simple, braces can be challenging for those new to this treatment. Here are some tips on how to care for your teeth while wearing braces: 

  • Brush Your Teeth AND Braces Twice Daily: Brushing your teeth twice daily is a given, but brushing your braces is just as important. Brushing your braces helps keep the metal brackets and wires shiny and new. When brushing your braces, use a soft-bristled brush and circular motions to keep your teeth clean. 
  • Use an Orthodontic Flosser: Orthodontic flossers are a special type of flosser that's used to get in between the wires to remove food debris and bacteria. Another type of orthodontic flosser is a water-powered flosser, which uses pulsating water to clean in between the braces.  
  • Avoid Gummy, Sticky Foods: Candies and gummy foods can easily stick to the braces and teeth, making them difficult to clean. When stuck to the braces, these foods can easily pull out the wires and cause significant amounts of damage. Avoiding these foods can help reduce the costs of your treatment. 
  • Don't Skip Your Orthodontic Appointments: Your appointments are essential for achieving a straighter smile. Missing appointments can lengthen the time you wear your braces and hinder your ability to achieve a straighter smile. If your orthodontist needs to change your treatment, they cannot achieve that with missed appointments. 

Follow All Your Orthodontist's Instructions: Most of all, following all of your orthodontist's instructions can be the best way to achieve a healthier smile. Once a month, your orthodontist should provide you with maintenance tools and other instructions to keep your braces working throughout the course of your treatment. 

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