Why You Need To Wear Your Retainer

It's been a long road of orthodontic treatment, and you're finally ready to have your braces removed. By now, you've heard that you'll have to wear a retainer once the braces are removed. If you're like most orthodontic patients, you're probably wondering how long you'll have to continue wearing it. While all orthodontic cases are different, one thing remains consistent when it comes to retainers. The simplest way to ensure that your new smile stays in place for the rest of your life is to continue to wear them consistently.


What Is A Retainer And How Does It Help?

Retainers are relatively simple devices that are custom-fit to each patient. Once your teeth have completed their transition to their proper places, a brand new impression will be taken of your mouth. Using this impression, a custom fit retainer will be designed using either clear acrylic or plastic. Current orthodontic wisdom states that wearing a retainer on at least a part-time basis is the only way to ensure that all the time and effort you went through to get the teeth of your dreams wasn't in vain. While this may seem a daunting venture, the truth of the matter is it will become as easy to keep track of as brushing your teeth every day. It's just a matter of time, discipline, and adjustment.


Retainers often feel strange to those new to wearing them, but as time goes by, they'll be barely noticeable. New retainer patients often report that their ability to speak clearly is affected and that the retainer is somewhat uncomfortable. However, those who persist in wearing them say that the discomfort passes, and the effect on their speech is only temporary. Not wearing your retainer can ultimately result in your teeth shifting back towards their original positions, making it necessary to receive orthodontic care again to correct them.


What Types Of Retainers Are There?

While different models and designs exist, retainers can be broadly classified into two categories: removable and fixed.


Fixed Retainers

These retainers typically have a single wire that's positioned across the interior portion of the upper and bottom teeth. A specialized type of glue is applied to hold them in place. This glue is similar to those used to affix retainers to your teeth. This type of retainer tends to have the best overall results as it's held in place and can keep your teeth in place effortlessly. A little experimentation is needed to learn how to clean them properly.


Removable Retainers

There are a few forms of removable retainers available, each with its own design. These retainers are becoming less popular among orthodontists, but they do have their uses! The benefit of these retainers is the same as their drawback; they can be removed by the patient when needed. Unfortunately, this makes them subject to damage, loss, or neglect.


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