What Happens During My Dental Checkup?


A trip to your dentist should take place at least twice a year,  but for some of us that has never been a reality. If for whatever reason it has been years since you’ve last seen a dentist, or you’re one of the unfortunates who has simply never been able to see one at all, you’re likely wondering what to expect.  A dental check-up is a straight-forward process that helps identify where your dental health reality currently sits and what can be done to improve it in the months following the appointment. Read on to learn more.


What Occurs During My Dental Check-Up?

When you first arrive in the dental office you’ll be checking in with the receptionist and filling out a patient history form.  This form will include information about your dental history, the last time you saw a dentist, any other health concerns you may be experiencing, and more.  Once you get called back you’ll be directed to a chair where you’ll be greeted by a hygienist who will help prepare you for the dentist.


What Does A Hygienist Do?

Your dental hygienist serves as a kind of assistant to your dentist, and works to prepare you for the dentists attentions.  This starts by ensuring that your teeth have been properly cleaned, and taking images of your teeth to give the dentist a better view of what’s going on with your oral health.  They help the dentist during any procedures they may do by handling equipment and taking notes throughout.

What Happens When The Dentist Gets There?

When the dentist arrives he will evaluate your oral health and the risk level of more serious dental concerns based on their own observations and that of the hygienist.  You may be provided with fluoride, have your bite and jaw inspected for other issues, and the general condition of your oral health examined. They will also go through the proper steps to care for your teeth, inform you where you’ve been missing spots, and what to do better going forward.  Finally, they’ll begin scheduling any additional appointments that are necessary to handle concerns that have revealed themselves.


Are Dental Check-Ups Really Necessary?

These twice yearly check-ups may seem excessive, especially if you are meticulous about your oral health.  However, these exams do more than just check on the health of your teeth and gums. During these visits your dentist checks the state of your temporomandibular joint, looks for any signs of oral cancer and areas where decay is sneaking in so it can be nipped in the bud, and much more.  These steps ensure you’ll be able to battle any dental issues effectively before they have long term repercussions.


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