Different Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Discovering that you need orthodontic care opens up a whole realm of things you didn’t know you didn’t know. Among them are the extensive set of options that are available for receiving orthodontic care. Traditional metal braces aren’t the only tools available for correcting your smile and are no longer the favored approach in most cases. With innovations like clear removable aligners and ceramic braces, there’s a whole range of choices available. We’ll go into just a few of the potential options below, including a couple you may never have heard of!


Damon Braces

This type of orthodontic treatment is becoming more popular due to its gentleness and reduced need for repeat visits to the dentist. The first thing that makes them different is that they’re self-ligating, meaning that they have a movable portion that is used to hold the archwire. Damon braces use a slide mechanism rather than elastics to connect the brace to the wire. Teeth are able to move on their own without the need for adjustment, making the whole process smoother. Fewer trips to the dentist mean lower dental costs as well.


Ceramic Braces

These are very similar to traditional braces, using the same techniques to achieve the same goals. The benefit of ceramic braces is their unobtrusive design. The use of ceramic material that is transparent makes it harder for others to notice. A special form of toothpaste is often required when wearing them, as they have a tendency to become discolored. This discoloration can have a lasting effect on your teeth if it isn’t managed.


Forsus Appliances

Those who have been fortunate enough to see their orthodontist before their seventh birthday may be able to benefit from early treatment. Forsus appliances are one form of early treatment that’s used for correcting overbites that previously would have required a full set of headgear. These appliances connect to braces and include a spring that fitted inside the cheeks to slowly adjust the jaw into the proper place.


Palatal Expanders

When overcrowding of the teeth is a problem, there are only two real solutions available. The first involves extracting healthy teeth and was the preferred approach for many years. Today you’re likely to be directed to use a palatal expander instead. These fit into your palette and apply consistent and gentle pressure on the back of your molars. This pressure causes your teeth to move apart in preparation for receiving more traditional braces to complete the positioning of your teeth.


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