Drinks That Impact Your Oral Health

We often get warned about drinks that can have a negative impact on our oral health, but have you ever wondered which ones they are?  If you think that only sugary drinks like coffee, soda, and sweet teas are a risk to your oral health you’re in for quite a shock. There is quite a collection of beverages that you may have never thought could have an effect on your teeth that can have quite an impact on the health of your smile.  We’re going to go through a list of beverages that affect your oral health, some in unexpected ways.



While there is evidence that drinking a glass of wine every day can be good for your heart, there’s nothing showing that it’s good for your teeth.  Both white and red wines are acidic, and can put your teeth at risk of being damaged if you don’t care for your teeth properly after imbibing them. Also the rich color of red wines can lead to teeth staining.



Beer is a strange animal when it comes to oral health, as it may actually be good for their health.  The reason for this is the hops that are used in its manufacture. While additional research is needed there’s  evidence that it may be good at preventing cavities and aiding oral health. This doesn’t mean you can stop brushing your teeth though.



The effect of Vodka on your teeth has a lot to do with which brand your drinking.  Some of it is relatively harmless, others have a pH as high as 8, making it capable of causing damage to your teeth.  Add to this that alcohol has a tendency to dry out your mouth and there’s additional risks to your oral health.



While coffee does have a reputation for staining teeth, that doesn’t mean that its all bad.  Coffee has been shown to have a positive effect on cavity prevention, especially when its taken black.


Sparkling Water

This one comes as a surprise to a lot of people.  The carbonation in this otherwise harmless beverage can reduce its pH to between 2.5 and 3.5, making it even more acidic than orange juice.  All fruit juices are high in acid, but sparkling water really does a number on your teeth if you’re not careful.


These beverages are just a few examples of drinks you’d think were harmless that can have a lasting negative impact on your teeth.  More information about drinks that can harm or help your oral health can be received from your dentist, so why not schedule an appointment today?   Dr. Adeola Faleye has been working with their patients in Memphis, TN to help them take control of their oral health through education and preventative care.  Make a call to the Orthodontic Clinic today to schedule their next available appointment to address your oral health concerns and continue your education about risks to your oral health.  



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